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Dual Appliances, High Tech Appliance and Other Wonderful Inventions

Hi, my name is Harriet, and as an advocate of small houses and simple living, I love appliances that can do two things at once. A machine that washes and dries my clothes but only takes up the space of a single appliance? Yes, please! Because of that passion, I always keep updated on what is happening in the world of appliances. I like dual function as well as high tech advances. If you want to learn about appliances, news related to appliances and developments in the industry, you have come to the right place. Please read and explore this blog!

Choosing The Right Ice Machine For Your Business

Almost all business in the food industry needs to have an ice machine. There are so many sizes, styles and configurations available to choose. You need to find the right style and capacity to suit your business needs. The following are some of the factors to consider.

Types of Ice

There are different types of ice cubes that are suited for a variety of uses. You should find out the kind of ice the ice machine produces to determine if it is ideal for the kind of foods or beverages you deal with.

  • Flaked ice: it is made up of tiny soft flakes of ice that you can mold into a variety of shapes. Flaked ice is often used in food display cases to keep the food cool. You have probably seen flaked ice in displays for meat and seafood. You can also use flaked ice in blended drinks, such as shakes and smoothies, making it ideal for salad bars and juice shops.
  • Cubed ice: these are the most widely known types of ice cubes that you can make even from your fridge at home. They are blocks of solid ice whose shape depends on the shape of the holder tray. This type of ice cube melts slowly, and therefore its consumption is low compared to other types of ice.
  • Nugget ice: nugget ice is softer, easier to chew and smaller than regular ice cubes. They are also called chewblet ice widely used in the healthcare industry. This type of ice also melts slowly.

Ice Machine design

There are different designs for ice machines depending on how much storage space you have in your store.

  • Under-counter Ice machines: these are ideal for businesses that sell beverages from a counter or bar. The server can access the ice while making quick drinks such as cocktails and smoothies on the counter. These units are low output and are ideal for businesses that do not need a lot of ice.
  • The ice machine head: this type of ice machined is designed to fit on top of an ice machine or soda dispenser. It is ideal for fast food restaurants where waiters and customers can access the ice and soft drinks easily.  It gets is easier and more hygienic to collect the ice and drinks at one point that having your staff running back and forth collecting ice from one machine and drinks from the other.
  • Counter top ice machines: They are small compact units that can sit comfortably on your countertop. Some of them even dispense drinking water

For more information on ice and icemakers, see http://www.icemakers.com.au.