Dual Appliances, High Tech Appliance and Other Wonderful InventionsDual Appliances, High Tech Appliance and Other Wonderful Inventions

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Dual Appliances, High Tech Appliance and Other Wonderful Inventions

Hi, my name is Harriet, and as an advocate of small houses and simple living, I love appliances that can do two things at once. A machine that washes and dries my clothes but only takes up the space of a single appliance? Yes, please! Because of that passion, I always keep updated on what is happening in the world of appliances. I like dual function as well as high tech advances. If you want to learn about appliances, news related to appliances and developments in the industry, you have come to the right place. Please read and explore this blog!

Five Cool Kitchen Aesthetics.

Kitchens are important. They are the place where you wake up for the day with a morning coffee, catch up with friends over a late lunch or wile into the evening while preparing dinner. Be inspired to give your kitchen the style it deserves, and hopefully the following aesthetics will give you ideas to what your dream kitchen might look like.


Feel well and truly in this century? Reflect it in your kitchen with cool, chic modern design. Bauhaus designs with their lack or ornamentation and texture help draw attention to focus points and keep an uncluttered feel. Black or Silver stainless steel and chrome appliances with simple round dials and knobs help create this ultra modern aesthetic. If you're tired of gray and silver, try replacing the silver with a bright metallic color to keep the feel and brighten up the room.


Replace the silvers and grays that became synonymous with modern design with clean whites, browns and neutral colors. Keep a bit of chrome, and you have minimalism. Calm yourself with this simple, yet super pleasing design.


If the modern and minimalist styles don't move you, and you long to go back to the elegance and sophistication of the Victorian and Colonial periods, think about a classic aesthetic. Build that warm atmosphere by combining carved wooden furniture, porcelain or stone with real kettles and taps, a gas hob and soft pastel-colored, delicate appliances, with brass fittings and beautiful real analogue dials to make you wonder why they ever switched to digital.

50s style

The 50s were cool. With the post-war optimism and relative economic prosperity, people were free to express themselves, and they did. Fashion and design exploded with creativity where vibrant block colors and sinuous lines became the norm. Hawk back to the golden age of design with this fun and lively aesthetic. Look out for rounded timeless designs and lots of bold and harmonious colors to give your kitchen the life it deserves.


Or you can just make you kitchen feel nice and warm with a contemporary open plan design. Use pale wooden furnishing to make your kitchen feel open and welcoming along with simple functional appliances. Combine beautiful design with simplicity and functionality and make your kitchen a space you can really feel at ease in.

A perfect kitchen that perfectly complements you will bring you joy whenever you are in the most important room of the house. So find your perfect style, take your time checking out brands like smeg and pick your appliances and work surfaces carefully and make a kitchen you are proud to own.